SCANNABLE Fake ID online

Every Fake ID that we produce has a scannable barcode and correctly programmed magnetic strips, encoded with all of your data. We scan-test every scannable Fake ID before shipping to insure your product arrives with no hicups!

Use of Fake IDs On College Campuses

Oftentimes, in order to gain access to places where older people are hanging out, younger college students may rely on fake IDs to get into these particular bars, nightclubs, or other events where people are going to be consuming alcohol. Whether these are actual IDs with their pictures on them or whether these are IDs that used to belong to somebody else and may have likeness to them, these kinds of charges are usually not particularly serious because they are so common. With that said, however, they may carry disciplinary action on university level as well as on the court system level if caught.

How to make a fake ID that scans

Search and download an ID template; then change the required text fields to customize your ID the way you need. Most IDs have a standard Arial font that is available with any word processing software. Don’t forget to edit hair and eye color fields to complete your editing. The color abbreviations for both can be easily found on the web. Scan your photo and signature. Next, you need to clear the background of your photo to fit smoothly into the fake ID’s template. There are many programs that should help you to do the editing easy and stress-free. The obvious choice is Adobe Photoshop, but there are a number of free alternatives as well. See the manuals of the corresponding software you choose to understand how to edit background.